Eren Tokgöz & Emre Çakar

Former white-collar Eren Tokgöz and former adman Emre Cakar changed their careers and transformed their “Music” hobbies to business and founded Otopark Music.

Before Otopark Music, Eren, a METU Business Administration graduate, has worked at Garanti Bank and Finansbank IT;  while Emre, a graduate of İstanbul Bilgi University Advertising, worked in TBWA, Leo Burnett, Rafineri, Plasenta and Alafortanfoni advertising agencies for years.

During this period, they won many music awards together and separately. Some of these are Jack Daniel's, Miller Music Factory Composition, IAA Advertising music 1st prize, Rock'n Dark, Halıcı and Milliyet 3rd prize.

Otopark Music

Otopark Music is practicing remote working system. We believe in freedom to work from anywhere. Since 2016, we produced jingles for dozens of companies and brands such as Vestel, Regal, Türk Telekom, A101, Türkiye Petrolleri, Allianz, ABC,, Mynet, Johnnie Walker, two film scores of “Bebek Geliyorum Demez (2018)” and “Ev Kira Semt Bizim (2018)” movies, musics of theatre play “Aşka Haciz” and children’s play “İsli Sisli Pis Puslu”. In addition, we undertook the production of album  and 5 singles of our music band named Ahmet Beyler.

Our Other Brands


Social Music is an extremely entertaining, creative and socializing music event where participants express themselves with impromptu songs. Since 2017, we have made over 60 workshops with approximately 2500 different people and every each time, came up with original songs from participants' collective creativity and emotion.

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Ahmet Beyler, who has a unique place with works that emphasize humor in music, is a group who won Jack Daniel’s composition contest first place, produced “Hayat Nerde” album and Zeynep Casalini duets, followed by a niche audience. The band, which performed in many venues such as Babylon, If, Zeytinli Rock Fest, is working on the internet series "We are Ahmet Beyler".

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  • Ahmet Beyler
  • Ahmet Beyler
  • Ahmet Beyler
  • Ahmet Beyler

In 2020, we gathered all the music events we organized at companies under the roof of "Music at Work (Tr: İşte Müzik)". Workshops aiming to create team spirit by using live music as a tool in the workplace; we provide activities like ice breaker, energy booster, employee motivation-enhancing activities, company anthem production and music group coaching.

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