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About / Otopark Music is an İstanbul based Music Production Company, founded in 2016. "We can produce music anywhere that we can park" is our motto! It explains our mobility and instant production ability that creates worldwide music solutions. With the contribution of our solution partners, we are a multidisiplinary team, which can offer various services according to need of the project. We have channel-special music production services, music workshops and music album production services. We also have 15 years of experience in other fields like advertising, IT and media sectors, that we use in our music projects. We won many music awards in music composition & performance competitions in İstanbul, like winning prize in Jack Daniel's and in Miller Music Factory competitions; 3rd best prize at Rock'n Dark, Halıcı Midi, Milliyet. We actively continue performing on stage with Ahmet Beyler. We use our personal communication experiences with the audience / consumer in our music projects in terms of brand communications.



channel-special music production


our services

Jingle •
Sound Logo Design, Signal Music Design • Sound Design for Brands • Corporate Music Design • Movie Soundtrack • TV Series Soundtrack • Theater Performance Music • Main Theme Composition • Event Theme Composition • Music for Games • Music for Web Sites & Social Media

We make our recordings in our solution partner music studios. 

music workshops


Social Music™ is the name of our copyrighted brand. 

Social Music

is an entertaining way of socializing, while letting the attendants express themselves via musical improvisations  together with the rest of the group.

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We are the solution partner of communiWit! in terms of Corporate Workshops. Barcelona & İstanbul based company has many awards in their works they created for Unilever, Coca Cola, Nivea and many more. Since we became
solution partners, 

communiWit!!’s creative corporate workshops and Social Music are joined in the same bundle! 

music album production


The albums of the band  Ahmet Beyler of which Emre and Eren are the founders, are produced by Otopark Music.
Ahmet Beyler is a authentic rock band, which released their first album in 2015. They released 5 videos from that album, including Manu Chao's Bongo Bong adaptation and award winning song Osman. On February 14th, 2018, they released "Aşk Yayıcam / I Will Spread Love" single with famous Turkish / Italian singer Zeynep Casalini. On March 21th, 2018, they released "Gün Gece Eşit / Equal Day and Night" single. The launch concert was held in famous Istanbul concert hall, Babylon, which has the same possession with Nusr-et. Their latest single, "Köyümde Var / There in My Town" was released on June, 2018.

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